Silk Season

I have been receiving a lot of inquires about my white silk/satin dress, so I have laid out some details below.

One Saturday afternoon, on my way to the bookstore I spotted a sale sign on Zara's window shop, so of course I had to stop and take a peek. After sifting through the piles of clothing for about 20 minutes, I found the perfect dress. It was actually the style, fabric and colour I was looking for all summer. The dress has a white lace fabric on the top, a satin/silk fabric on the bottom and buttons running down the centre of the dress. The best part of it all, it was only $15 dollars and it can be styled down with sandals and dressed up with heels. 

(The clear sandal heels are from boohoo.)

Satin/silk dresses have defiantly been the signature pieces for most of the year and I don't think this trend is going anywhere anytime soon. If you can't find the exact dress at your local Zara shop, don't worry, below I have listed a few similar dresses I found on a couple other sites. 

Nasty Gal