8 Summer Essentials for Every Girl

As we get ready to launch our summer essential collections we thought we should share some of our favorite summer essentials with you all. Every person must have these if you expect to make it out.

After the year and a half, we have been, we want to make sure you are prepared more than ever because let' be real? Is anyone planning to go back inside once summer kicks off? Whether it is spending time with friends at the beach or a girls brunch on the weekend or family barbecues, everyone single one of us is going to be out. Now while you are out But what are the essential summer essentials you must-have?

It is great to feel prepared, and if you can make sure you have these items, you won’t have to worry about a thing!

Beach bag

Who doesn't have a good lightweight beach bag handy? Well, you would be surprised how many people carry their everyday bags to the beach. We don't like in the wrong places so we love a bag designated for a beach day. The bag must do two things: hold your beach essentials and keep them cool. Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll want an easy and lightweight bag to keep all your essentials in.

Your Favorite Sunnies
Now, a cute pair of sung glasses are a must when laying out on the beach or riding in your car but they are not only for looking stylish. However, be sure to throw in a good pair of sunglasses. Hint: not all "sunglasses" actually protect your eyes from UV rays. Look for those that are marked specifically as UV-protective, or as having a UV 400 rating. Did you know that UV rays can cause damage to all parts of the eye? So make sure you are protecting your eyesight on those super sunny days.


Jewelry, especially bracelets, is our absolute weakness.
Another must-have accessory, of course, jewelry. We have made it super easy with our summer essentials collection. We will have every must look ready for your to shop and wear for any summer festivity.

Hair ties, Hair scrunchies, and bobby pins
Carry a few of these around so that you always have one in an emergency. Keep your hair off of your face and stay cool when the temperature heats up.

Coconut Oil
Now, this one might not be everyone's thing, but it sure is ours. Coconut oil on everything! This oil is truly perfect all year round. Most people only use it during the winter, but it's a perfect addition to your summer hair and skin routine. It will keep you moisturized at all times, especially during scorching hots days that dries everything out.

Music Playlist
Nothing better than a summer playlist to make beautiful memories with. One thing's for sure, one of my most memorable summers has been one with a theme song. If you can't narrow down a list, no worries, we will be releasing our very own playlist. Want to know to get access? For every purchase made from our summer collection, you will get a summer playlist we have curated just for our amazing customers. Make sure your summer is filled with music to remember it by later!

A Good Beach Book 

I love to read and write, so for me, one of my most important summer essentials is a good book or notebook. There is nothing better than tanning on the beach, listening to the waves while journaling, or reading a good book. Try to take light paperback books to the beach, as the super thick ones can get heavy.

Sunscreen is a must! It is one of the most essentials of the summer. Whether you're heading to the beach, going on a hiking adventure, or spending time in the city, keep a sunscreen bottle nearby. Dermatologists recommend packing a sunscreen that is at least SPF 15.

We hope this list of summer essentials helps you get ready for summer and guess what, the first 20 buyers of our summer essential jewelry will receive some surprise goodies from our summer essentials list!

We got you covered, ladies!