Sana Crown takes pride in curating sophisticated, quality, meaningful and elegant collections handcrafted by expert artisans who use high quality and enduring pieces. Each collection is inspired by different women and their stories. The Sana Crown brand embodies elegance, boldness, resilience, simplicity and a promise for a hopeful future.We offer luxury pieces made out of fine metals and artistic symbols of the deep-rooted cultures around the world.

Our Philosophy

EMPOWERING WOMEN by using fashion as the source and education as the tool.

We are a lifestyle brand for the self-driven, and ever evolving woman, a woman who sets her own terms, lifts other women and embraces that she can be multidimensional. For the women who are shattering ceilings and are passionate about cultivating spaces for other women to grow. She is bold and dares to know she can accomplish anything.

Our Mission

Sana Crown is dedicated to inspiring women and girls to embrace their invisible crowns, unlock their limitless powers, to stay connected to their true-selves and their roots, and to continue to cultivate their legacy and their impact on their communities. We also hope that we can help to tell their stories and change the narrative set by the world.

Our Why

In Ethiopia, women and girls face significant educational disadvantages when compared to boys, with the greatest disparity visible in secondary education. Lack of funding, poor school resources, lack of sanitation facilities, child labor and marriage, and lack of access to sanitary products (which forces many girls to miss up to 10 days of school) all contribute to the gender education gap, further placing them behind. Our goal is to ensure that our funds are used to pay their education, give them with sanitary items, and collaborate with them to help them cultivate new chances that will help them reach their goals.

Our Vision

Elevating women and girls.

each purchase you make will help us get closer to our goals.

We work with with incredible artisans around the world.

We use .925 sterling silver for our silver jewelry designs. Sterling silver is made of about 92.5% fine silver. Our silver has a bright finish that can be maintained by polishing with a sterling silver jewelry cloth. Our gold plated pieces are made with sterling silver with an 18K gold plate. They deliver the look of solid gold, at a more affordable price. The gold plated pieces can be re-plated from time to time to enhance their original gold layer.

The Name

The Name Sana means 'radiant one' in the Arabic language, together with crown, it pays tribute to the brand philosophy; encouraging girls and women to recognize the light that lies within and the power in their invisible crowns. Radiant one, carry it high; remember who you are.


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