A Guide: How to Wear Stackable Rings

Rings have invariably been a significant part of a woman's wardrobe; an accessory that will likely always remain a statement jewelry piece. They are a fun addition to any outfit and a great way to add a personal touch. However, with the growing selections and coordination, it hasn't always been easy for women to incorporate it into their style. As of late, there has been a new trend that has picked up steam, stackable rings.


In the past year, stackable rings have become one of the hottest trends and many women have asked how they could accomplish this look. Fortunately, many of our collections are perfect to layer together so we have created a guide on how to stack up rings from our shop. Within this guide, there are steps on the variety of ways you can accomplish this look.

                                       WHAT IS A STACKING RING?
When it comes to stacking rings, they can be worn on top of each other (which creates a stacking/layering effect). The trick is in how you balance and coordinate the look. There are no set rules which say which rings can be stacked together however, there are ways to ensure the look is effortless. You have the freedom to do whatever you want; we are just here to guide you and help you make it your own. 

                                      HOW TO WEAR STACKABLE RINGS
All of our collections can be mix-matched and be stacked together. The art is in knowing which styles and sizes create a better outcome. If you want to know where to start with your ring stacking, look at our following styling tips:

1. Start with one ring
To make a ring stack look cohesive and effortless, start by picking a good foundation. To do this, first, choose one main ring, and then build the rest of your stack around it. It should be a simple base that you can build around. Let the main ring color, shape, and design dictate the look of the other rings. Anna I and Anna III are the perfect rings to work around. 

2 . Less can be more 

Choose your 'statement' finger (or fingers!) and start your ring stack. Watch out, if you start to stack rings on every finger, things may start to look a bit messy
and crowded. We suggest that you stack two or three rings up on one finger, followed by a standalone ring on the one next to it or two fingers away. For example, any ring from our Kadija Collection  is a great option for a standalone ring. 

3. Mix similar designs
Once you’ve chosen your principal ring, one way to create a perfect look is to combine rings with a similar design. This looks harmonious but also stands out so you’ll get noticed for your style. We have made this simple; each of our collections features similar designs that make it easy to stack on together. For example, everything from our Anna collection can be stacked together.  
4. Leave at least one finger naked
It’s easy for your ring stack to look crowded. To avoid this, stack a maximum of four fingers at a time. For example, many people

prefer to leave the pinky or thumb bare. Play around and see what works for you.

5. Add accent rings

An accent ring is a piece that stands out while complementing the entire ring stack. For example, our double-layered ring Siti II from our Siti Collection is a great choice for an accent ring. If you have already stacked up one hand and you want to keep the other hand simple, Siti II can give it just the right touch of boldness and glamour it needs. However, you can accomplish this with almost any of our rings from our Kadija and Siti collections.

 6. Alternatively, combine opposite colors/shapes
Another method for combining stacked rings is to mix opposite colors and shapes to provide contrast and balance. For example, rounded designs will look interesting next to geometric shapes. For an eye-catching effect, try combining opposite shapes, like Anna III and Kadija V pictured below. 

Extra Tips
The fewer boundaries you set, the more you can experiment with different styles. You can choose to either layer your rings one day or keep them plain and simple the next day. Eventually, you will figure out what colors and styles complement each other the most, allowing you to create your signature look.

1. Express Your Individual Style: It's important that your jewelry reflects your personality and complements your outfit. This means that you should choose the styles which stand out to you, rather than the ones which you think other people will like.

2. Get Creative: The great thing about layering rings is that you can break all the rules and get as creative as you want. 

I hope this gives you the kick start you need and if you need more tips, our inbox is open, we want to hear from you!