The Nudge Series #16: The 5 Daily Rituals To Bring Wealth Into Your Life

Many people are hustling daily to bring more wealth into their lives; constantly planning and researching but missing the daily rituals that could help them set the tone. The rituals we adopt can attract the type of life we want, whether intentional or not. Below, I have listed a few of my rituals and since adopting them into my life, I have seen a significant difference in the opportunities and focus I have been able to achieve.

1. Make a to-do list the night before.
There is nothing worse than waking up flustered, with no sense of direction or starting point. Sometimes your plate can seem so full, that you waste a lot of time worrying or trying to do everything all at once. One way to avoid that is to create a to-do list the night before and prioritize your most urgent project and task as your starting points and later deadlines for later on in your day. That way, when you wake up, you can use your time efficiently and have a strategic plan on where to start.

2. Get up early.
At a young age, my father instilled the value of a good night's sleep and having an early start to your day. As I got older, I noticed how much value that lesson brought to my life; those values instilled in me have allowed me to adopt habits that help me be productive. Now, his lessons have made me a well-rested and focused money magnet. If you can, you can benefit from an early work-out and/or yoga session to give you an energy boost and recharge your focus. I prefer workouts in the evenings, but I also incorporate an early morning yoga session when I can. Most importantly, break the habit of checking your emails or social media first thing in the morning, a lot of studies have shown how unhealthy it can be. Give yourself at least 45 minutes of "wake time" before getting hit with the noise from the world.

3. Adopt a daily money mantra or self -affirmations.
I attract wealth. I will find some new opportunities to make money. I deserve abundance. Repeat these phrases, or whatever works for you, during the quiet times in your day. Mantras focus your unconscious mind and send out the energy into the universe that will be returned.

4. Set your intentions through visualization and mood boards.
Visualize. Visualize. Visualize. It is ok to daydream a little because this visualization is the first step. Take it a step further and put it all on a vision board or Pinterest board; the boards should be inspiring, daring, and a reflection of your goals. Use this to constantly inspire you, recharge your focus, and as a reminder of why you work so hard every day. Honestly, I just enjoy the good feels of seeing what my future will look like because I plan on getting it all and you should too!

5. Dress the part.
If you want to attract the right network of people and want to appear like the boss that you are, dress the part! Having the right connection of people can help you generate the type of opportunities you may need to increase your revenue. Your wardrobe can also be a way to boost your confidence; the right power suit can make you feel untouchable.

While these methods may not help you generate instant wealth, they can help you lead there. Be intentional, be powerful and dare to dream.

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Thank you so so much Sana for sharing such great wisdom. I appreciate you and think you are amazing! 💛

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