The Nudge Series #12: How To Survive As A Entrepreneur In The Days Of The Coronavirus (Part 2)

After receiving so much great feedback on my latest Nudge Series post, I decided to make a part two. This round, I interviewed the talented Vix Reitano, CEO of 6boro, to share her experience and insight as an entrepreneur during this pandemic. Read below what she had to say: 

Name: Vix Reitano

Occupation Title: Founder, CEO of 6boro (Social + Studios)

Tell me a little about what you do? 

Social Media, Performance Marketing and Omni- Channel Branding Expert focused on full-service solutions -- basically, I am a full-service creative content production house, strategic consultant and digital/media buying agency rolled into one human being who has the ability to quickly activate a network of contractors (that I actually know personally) as needed to fulfill bigger contracts. 

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced working from home during this pandemic? 

I love working from home -- I've worked from home on a full-time or side hustle basis for my entire career -- but the challenge now is the Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime and any other video chat services makes you feel more lonely. I also, sometimes, prefer to have a call vs. a video conference and the new "thing" is to just Zoom. We're quickly seeing that some video meetings should have been calls or emails, I think. 

What have you done to overcome this challenge?

 As a self-made serial entrepreneur, I have a really great boundary practice. I am focused on balancing my personal and professional boundaries with the needs of my clients and community at this time. 

Are there new things you have learned during this quarantine period that you will take with you once the lockdown is over? 

Yes, definitely -- I do think that while some video meetings are unnecessary, the ease of having video meetings is key for a lot of my clients and prospects as well as the teams I consult with. For example, I have done a lot of trainings for teams (lunch and learn style) about being comfortable on video -- and I have a bunch of downloads on that too!

What is one advice you would give to someone struggling with productivity? 

Breathe. It is okay to be as productive as you need to be at this time. Even I, and I am an extremely productive person, am struggling with focus at this time. The one thing I do all the time? 45 minute sprints. I set an alarm for 45 mins and focus on ONE task. Then I take a 15 minute break, again, setting an alarm to do it. I also use DND for my phone, watch and computer to ensure that my iMessages are not pulling me away from critical projects or creative flows. 

How can others take steps today to best position their company or work to most profitably serve their customers or company as these shifts are happening?

 I consult on this for companies of all sizes and the ONE thing I tell everyone? Survey your community. From clients to colleagues and employees, get a sense of what your community needs to support them at this challenging time. And run promotions, don't discount. Promotions have a period of finality where discounts devalue. 

What steps can others take today to mitigate the risks to their company born out of Coronavirus? 

Create a plan -- take time to sit back and evaluate where you/your company can be most agile in this crisis. 

What big opportunities do you believe exist for people and your own company born out of this situation? 

It used to be standard for any creative production studio to charge $10K+ to just have someone walk in the door -- I can do it more efficiently, provide more value and do it NOW in the safety of my home while supporting the client by having them on Video "in the room." And I have been doing that for more than 12 years as I have worked with clients, in-house at some of the biggest shows in the business, and as a side hustle success story. The big opportunity for creators? Come out of the shadows. Own your expertise, in all things. And shine so bright all the haters need to get new shades to see. 

 Thank you to Vix for her insightful answers!