The Nudge Series #13: Free Resources For Black Owned Businesses

The world looks different right now and we may never go back to normal, but why would we want to? For many of us, it has been a reminder of the silent battles many of us black and brown women have had to endure in our lifetime and for others, it has been a glimpse into the dark side of our world. But one thing is for sure, it has inspired people of all walks of life, races, and countries to band together to lift a community of people that have been overlooked, oppressed, and targeted for decades. The black community has spoken, and the world is listening.

The current uprising of protest across the U.S has forced many people, to take a closer look at themselves and how they may be contributing to the social injustice that continues to persist. This week, many have had to ask themselves 'what can they do' and as a Black woman, I have asked myself that question as well. While some people have decided to donate to organizations supporting the black lives matter movements, others have narrowed their focus on supporting black-owned businesses. I have been inspired to do the same, so I will be dedicating some of my series to offering resources, providing exposure and inspiration to black and brown women pursuing entrepreneurship. In my first step in doing so, I will be connecting black-owned brands to a few amazing women that have offered to provide their services for free. The brands selected will have access to the following support:


1. Marketing- This service provides marketing and strategizing expertise to discuss challenges or tactics.
2. Content Writing- This service provides content writing, such as email marketing, writing blog posts (especially long-form), or website copy.
3. Brand Lab - An opportunity to explore your current brand and how you might explore elevating it.
4. Black Founder Startup Grants - This is a rolling application and the first few grants will be dispersed this month.

For a brand to be considered, they must first email and provide information about their company.

I hope I can continue to amplify the voices of black entrepreneurs and provide resources and networking opportunities to help further elevate black-owned businesses.

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