The Nudge Series #3: How To Become A #GirlBoss

Happy Sunday!

So, today I wanted to share with you some valuable tips I got from one of my favorite books #Girlboss. It has been out for some time now but if you haven't had the chance to read it, I suggest you do it because it is powerful and has some valuable life lessons. A major part of the book shares in detail the journey it took Sophia Amoruso to get to her Girl Boss status but she also shares some tips on how others can become girl bosses in their own lives. Below I have shared the tips Sophia offers in her book:

1. Find something you are passionate about: The first step in becoming a #GIRLBOSS is finding what sets your soul on fire. Take the time to explore and research until you find something you can picture yourself doing for a long time.

2. Pay attention to detail: As a society, we tend to focus on the bigger picture and neglect all the little details that are right in front of us. In the book, Sophia emphasizes the importance of paying attention to every detail. We are all responsible for educating ourselves on the little things because even a CEO has to go for food runs sometimes.

3. Do not put a product out there that you are not obsessed with: As an entrepreneur, I can relate to this. Your followers and consumers can sense when you don't believe in your own product/content. How can they love something you create if you don't believe in it yourself? If you offer quality products that you love, I promise, people will love it too.

4. Don’t be afraid to do it differently: In the book, Sophia stated: “Discomfort was where I was most comfortable.” I couldn't agree more because I have seen so many great shifts since leaping faith this year. The greatest things are waiting for you at the exit ramp of your comfort zone, so start walking!

5. Money looks better in the bank than it does on your feet: Sophia is great with her money and has taught me so many valuable lessons. Mastering the art of saving money is not a skill many people have but it can have a great impact on how quickly your company grows. To take your company/brand to the next level, you will need more money and you won't have it if you are spending it on all the wrong things. If you don't know how to find out and keep working at it until you find the right balance between living life and saving money!

6. Your dreams are never big enough: Don't be afraid to be a dreamer and to continue to reach for higher goals. To be a #GIRLBOSS you have to continue to dream bigger and bigger. When you achieve one dream go ahead and simply dream up another dream. Life is nothing if we are not actively trying to achieve something.

7. Embrace your uniqueness: One of the most significant powers we have is that no one else is like us. There is only one you so embrace it and all the strengths and weakness that come with it. Make all the powers you have work for you and your brand/company.

These tips, including many others, have worked as a guide for me to becoming a better person and building a better brand. I highly advocate reading this book and listening to her podcast if you want to become a better entrepreneur and businesswoman.

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