The Nudge Series #5 : 11 Blogs All Women Entrepreneurs Should Follow

Happy Wednesday!

On the agenda, this week I have listed 11 blogs I go to for inspiration. Whether you are looking to expand your business or want to know where to start, these blogs are a great place to start.

1.Women Entrepreneur 

If you are like me and already frequent, you should check out the section they have dedicated to female entrepreneurs. This section offers everything from inspirational stories and informational “how-to” features to exclusive video interviews with leaders in the business world.  

2. She Owns It  

If you are looking for a roadmap to success from business leaders and innovators this is the site for you. Their manifesto is “celebrating, supporting, and connecting women entrepreneurs.” The storytelling is remarkable and guaranteed to inspire you and spark an entrepreneurial spirit in you. It provides how-to-guides for business owners and women trying to dive into the entrepreneurial life.

3. Women 2.0  

 Women 2.0 covers everything media and tech. The topic range from investing, fundraising, startups, technology, and even politics. They recently just added Lane, which is a platform dedicated to connecting female in tech with recruiters and jobs at some of the top firms.  

4. Leaders in Heels

"I created the Leaders in Heels Manifesto to bring to life the main qualities that make YOU a Leader in Heels successful and good at what you do in your daily life – moving up the corporate ladder, turning passion to profit and empowering other women to also reach their potential." Kasia Gospos, Founder and Publisher of Leaders in Heels-

This site features insightful interviews with some of the most successful women entrepreneurs from various industries. On Leaders in Heels, you will also be happy to find career guidance and free tools and resources through their subscription service.

5. Work at Home Woman

If u are a stay at home mom aspiring to start your own business, this site was made for you. Developed by mom and businesswoman Holly Reisem Hanna to empower other women like her self to lead fulfilling and successful careers right out of the comfort of their own home.

The Work at Home Woman also helps people find remote careers and side hustles to make extra money.

6. Classy Career Girl

Classy Career Girl is dedicated to supporting women lead great careers and set business goals. Their advice can be anything from business card etiquette to being productive while you commute. It was listed on Forbes top 35 most influential sites, and who could blame them for time-strapped businesswomen, this is the one-stop-shop of women entrepreneur blogs. Plus, if you need some inspiration, they also offer online boot camps in topics like time management, side hustles, and networking your way to a new job. 

7. Female Entrepreneur Association

Female Entrepreneur Association is a must-read site for women who own businesses. From private memberships with over 5000 women entrepreneurs, with 'How She Dit It' series and 10-minute weekly inspirational videos, it is sure to inspire you on your journey.

8. Women@Forbes

If there is any publication nearly synonymous with business in America, it is Forbes magazine, and its online counterpart, The Women@Forbessection is a great publication that provides insight and inspiration from women leading the world. It shares anything from females starting up, starting over, and sharing the blueprint to their success. Also, they have a Self-Made Women section, that showcases the routines of powerful women from their 'Day in The Life' series.

9. Women Who Startup

This platform seeks to bring “collaboration and rapid-learning to female entrepreneurs and innovators who are committed to building successful companies.” Their blog is updated monthly with podcast interviews of female business leaders from “Build Your Dream Network” author Kelly Hoey, to "The Food Corridor" CEO, Ashley Colpaart.

10. The League of Her Own 

The League of Her Own caters to the interests of female entrepreneurs and offers everything from advice on how to run a business while pregnant to generating customers through Instagram. They also have business-focused videos and a membership program that gives readers access to additional content and resources.

11. See Girl Work 

Girl Work is a platform that provides curated content for entrepreneurial-minded women. Their blog post is centred around work and lifestyle, like freelance living, career strategies and building a business. On occasion, they post interviews with women who are paving the way on their own terms.


These blogs are founded by women and created for business orientated women looking to connect and learn from other link-minded women. Whatever stage you are in your life or career you will find inspiration and guidance on the blogs I have shared above.  

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