The Nudge Series #1: How I Stay Motivated And My Guide For Female Entrepreneurs (A List Of My Favourite Websites, Books, And Podcast)

Happy Monday!

I have spent most of my summer on a journey of self-improvement and taking all the measures necessary to equip myself with the tools and knowledge I need to achieve my goals. Some days I have wanted to focus on my mindset and other days I have wanted to focus on my business strategy but every day I was focused on ways to better myself. One of the most challenging things has been keeping myself motivated and without motivation, it is hard to remain consistent. I know that motivation and consistency is something most of us struggle with and after many questions from my peers about how I stay motivated, it inspired the creation of "The Nudge" Series. I want to be the nudge we all need and in some ways, the nudge I need.

One thing I learned from my research is that every successful person is an avid learner. The average CEO reads up to 60 books a year. If you don't enjoy reading or don't have the time, there are so many alternative ways to get information and I will share all of those with you. This series will be composed of weekly blogs that share some of my routines, business tips, and the resources I use. Whether you are trying to improve professionally or are starting a business, I hope to cultivate a platform for all those of you that need the extra push.

Here is my list for this week:


The Medium
The founder of the site is Jasmin Bina, an LA-based brand strategist. On her site, she offers out big-picture elements driving consumer and brand behavior.
If you love all things girl magic, you will love the site. This amazing page offers articles, tips, tools, and resources to help women get to the next level. It will connect you with a community of other ambitious women in pursuit of professional and personal growth. I crave this, so I am an avid supporter of everything this movement stands for.


The Glossy Podcast
The podcast interviews some of the top fashion, beauty founders, and influencers in the game. Also, if you need a little female empowerment, this is a must for you!

Girlboss Radio
The podcast was created by the founder of Nastygal, Sophia Amoruso. Her podcast offers anything from self-improvement, financial growth, and interviews from some of the most powerful and innovative women paving the way. There is so much to learn from each conversation, no matter what field of work you do, and I always find new inspiration.

The Goop Podcast
The Goop podcast is all about challenging old paradigms and creating new conversations. They interview healers, culture changers, and disrupters. It is by far one of the best health and wellness podcasts out there.

The Business of Expertise by David Baker
The book was created by a Nashville-based consultant to educate people on the role of expertise in our society and the relationship between expertise and fulfillment. I’m reading this book and it has been a great read so far.

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