The Nudge Series #10: 12 Free Tools You Can Us During The Pandemic (COVID-19)

As the virus continues to impact the global community, working from home has become the new normal. Companies and Employers around the world have closed their offices and have encouraged their employees to work from home to maintain the health and safety of their community. The scale and speed of the shift have turned this into an unprecedented challenge for all kinds of companies, but especially smaller ones who haven’t yet invested in remote-working technology. Thankfully, businesses like ZOOM have stepped up and responded positively. Zoom is one of the first platforms to provide free services for consumers, especially those working from home, and since then many others have followed suit: 

Meetings and Communications

1. ZOOM: Free video conferencing tools.

2. RingCentral: Free video conferencing for educators, non-profit and health-care workers. 

3. Google: Free, premium version of its workplace video chat tool until July.

4. Slack: Free upgrades to paid plans for teams working on coronavirus pandemic research, response, or mitigation. 

Marketing and Research

5. Benchmark: Free trial of email marketing solution made to help design and send out effective campaigns.      

6. HootSuite: Free access for HootSuite Professional to small businesses and nonprofits until July 1st, 2020. 

7. Survey Monkey: Free questionnaire templates written by survey research experts to gather data costumers, employees and research groups that have been affected by COVID-19.

Teamwork & Collaborations 

8. DocuSign: Free access to Docusign for managing electronic agreements.

9. Dropbox: For a three-months period they are offering non-profits and NGOs focused on fighting COVID-19 the Dropbox Business and HelloSign Enterprise subscriptions. 

10. Calendly: Calendly is offering a free premium plan to teems working on COVID-19 related work and are also offering help for remote workers by providing free Zoom And GoToMeeting integrations for their online appointment scheduling software. 


11. Shopify: Free 90-day trial for all new customers. If you’re currently on a 14-day trial, you can extend it to 90 days.

12. Linkedin: Free 16 learning courses that provide tips on how to stay productive, build relationships, use virtual meeting tools and productively balance family and work dynamics.

 Our most important job is to be there for each other, especially right now so I am happy to see all these amazing companies stepping up and doing their part!

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