Gender discrimination is still very prevalent in Ethiopia. Many girls in the region face challenges of gender inequality that exclude them from school. Girls continue to face challenges not only due to violence but also other insidious obstacles: cultural conceptions of gender and barriers to education. The gender education gap is often a result of lack of funding, inadequate school resources, lack of sanitation facilities, child labor and marriage or the lack of access to sanitary products that force many girls to miss up to 10 days of school putting them further behind. Sana Crown aims to alleviate the obstacles they face by allocating funding to their education and to providing hygienic products. It is also important to us that we provide educational resources to inform them about safe and sanitary hygiene practices.  
Every Sana Crown purchase enables us to invest in their future and create a positive change in the gender education gap.     
our philosophy
 by using fashion as the source and education as the tool.  
our why 
Sana Crown is dedicated to inspiring women and girls to embrace their invisible crowns, unlock their limitless powers, to stay connected to their true selves and their roots, and to continue to cultivate their legacy and their impact on their communities. We believe that when a girl is empowered an entire community is lifted.