Your Impact

Each purchase you make helps a young girl in Ethiopia get access to education.

Why Education 

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela

In Ethiopia, girls are denied their right to an equal education. For every 100 buys enrolled in secondary education, there are approximately only 77 girls. All children have a right to quality education and making this a reality for girls goes a long way. Educated girls grow into women who have healthier and better-nourished babies, who contribute to their community and are the key to breaking the vicious cycle of poverty for their families. It can also empower them to better protect themselves against HIV, trafficking, and abuse. 

How it Happens

Sana Crown has partnered with the Oromia Development Association (ODA)  to assist in funding the room and board for girls attending the ODA Special Boarding School (Adama branch). For many young girls in that region, funding is an enormous obstacle they have to overcome and relieving them of that burden open them up to new opportunities.  



All the ways we plan to help
  • Funding
  • School Supplies
  • Water Supplies 
If you think you can help, please contact us!