Sana Ahmed

"These women are me and the only thing that sets us apart are our access to opportunities"

At an early age, she was aware that her identity was tied to ascendents that fought for their power, self-determination, and voice. This identity carried a heavy responsibility to carry on their stories.

For Sana, being an Ethiopian woman (Oromia region) carries a lot of historic significance to women who have fought for their liberation and power. As an African in the diaspora, she has always felt a sense of responsibility to amplify the stories of women and girls from her homeland. She grew up hearing the tales from her grandmother, mother, and aunts of the pain and struggle that many women were destined to face in Ethiopia.Stories that became intelligible to her, after a trip to Ethiopia.

During her trip, she met women and girls who shared their vivid stories and the heightened barriers they faced. Many stories told incorrectly by the world or never told at all. She saw herself in each girl and woman she met: "these women are me and the only thing that sets us apart are our access to opportunities." She was compelled from then on to tell their stories and cultivate opportunities for girls in that region. She wanted to continue the legacy of activism and advocacy that her grandparents started. 

In late 2019, she founded a social enterprise lifestyle brand called Sana Crown, a brand driven by quality and a vision to merge design and impact. Her pieces are inspired by bold women who are unafraid to take on the world, inspired by women who live with purpose, inspired by girls who are constantly aspiring to reach for more. Inspired to tell their stories, change the narrative and redefine luxury through each collection.