Sana Ahmed

At a young age, jewelry always played a significant role in Sana's upbringing. It held a prominent place in her culture, serving as a key element in defining a woman's identity. In Ethiopia, jewelry was intricately tied to identity, serving as a means to determine a woman's regional origin. It also played an integral role in her daily life as she observed her mother and aunts adorning specific pieces for various occasions. These jewelry items held special significance, often being cherished pieces brought from their homeland.

Philanthropy was another central aspect of Sana's upbringing. She devoted her time to volunteering at various organizations and even launched initiatives of her own. Coming from countries that had often struggled for sovereignty, particularly women's rights, Sana was driven by a deep desire to make a lasting impact on the world. After discovering the concept of social enterprise, she found inspiration in merging all her passions and values into creating Sana Crown.

Sana Crown became the embodiment of her vision, where the cultural significance of jewelry intertwined with her commitment to philanthropy and social impact. It was a venture driven by a desire to empower women and communities while celebrating the beauty and meaning behind every piece of jewelry.