The Siti Collection

Heritage's Embrace: Celebrating the Journeys of Immigrant Mothers 

Embark on a captivating journey through the launch of our new earring collection, a heartfelt tribute to the remarkable odyssey of immigrant mothers. Inspired by my own mother's courageous journey from her homeland to North America, this collection encapsulates the spirit of perseverance and the enduring beauty of cultural heritage.

The intricate details in each earring draw inspiration from my mother's treasured gold jewelry collection, one of the few possessions she carried with her on that life-altering journey. These precious pieces were more than adornments; they were a bridge connecting her to her homeland, culture, and heritage, a tangible reminder of the roots that ground us.

Yet, this collection goes beyond one individual's story; it honors all immigrant mothers and their incredible journeys. Their resilience, their unwavering determination, and the enduring beauty of the cultures they have passed down to us are celebrated in each delicate design. Through this jewelry, we pay tribute to the strength and love that these mothers bestowed upon us, ensuring that their legacy is cherished for generations to come.